For Caitlin working with animals wasn’t a choice. It was unavoidable! She has been an animal lover and guardian since coming home from the hospital and has surrounded herself with various animals ever since. As she grew, it was clear to everyone around her that she would be involved with animals. The only question was, “What would it be?”.  At the tender age of 10 she began walking dogs for families on her street in Brooklyn. Over the years she continued her own pet care work, as well as later working at doggy daycares and doing volunteer work with rescue groups. She has always enjoyed training and working interactively with her dogs, but it wasn’t until her fearful Great Dane entered her life that her interest in animal behavior and behavior modification really peaked. After seeing too many people (herself included) training dogs the wrong way, she realized through her readings and experiences that the answer was clear. She became passionate about positive reinforcement training. She began studying positive dog training under Jenny Chun and Rikke Brogaard, two well respected local trainers, through their NYC Positive Dog Trainers Academy (now NY Force Free Dog Behavior Consultants LLC), as well as apprenticing under another local trainer. Caitlin is currently counting hours towards her CPDT certification. She is dedicated to using humane, scientifically proven methods to make communicating with your dog easier, and the both of you happier. From her own experiences using these methods she has seen the benefits, both in behavioral results as well as in the relationships between dog and owner. She can’t imagine a better job than helping others understand these amazing creatures we share our lives with.

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