Welcome to Comes When Called!

  • Welcome to Comes When Called!

    Welcome to Comes When Called! We are a small, independent pet care company whose knowledge of dog behavior and years of experience caring for animals sets us apart from many other services.

Comes When Called

Whether you need help preparing to be a puppy parent, someone to take your dog for a romp while you work, or teaching an old dog new tricks, Comes When Called will do just that!
We know that dog ownership isn't always a walk in the park. Sometimes it really does feel like it takes a village to raise a chi- erm, dog... Or at least a dog walker! Our goal is to help keep life as stress-free and fun for you and your dog as we can. We want our dogs to listen to us because they trust that it's good for them, too, so here at Comes When Called we use positive reinforcement methods on walks and in training to help keep your furry friends happy and safe.

Comes When Called currently provides service in Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, and Montclair, NJ

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