Weekday Walks

We know how hard it can be balancing your pets needs with your need to work! How many times have you or someone you know had to run back home at lunch to let the dog out? And if you have a high energy dog that short bathroom break might really not be enough, leaving you with a bored pup. Whatever the reason, if you need a hand with your pooch during the day we’re here to help.


  • 30 Minute Walk – Give your pup some fun while he waits for you to come home, let us take him for a walk around the neighborhood with a buddy! We’ll make sure your dog remains safe and happy while he socializes, exercises, and does his business.
    • $20.00 per walk
    • $5.00 per additional dog
  • 1 Hour Walk – Have a more active pup who may need more than just a half hour walk? Perhaps a full hour of romping, sniffing, and socializing is right up your alley. Let your pup get physical and mental stimulation while you’re at work with an hour long adventure with a group of her friends, on or off leash in Fresh Pond, or around the neighborhood.

    • $25.00 per walk
    • $10.00 per additional dog


  • 30 Minute Walk – For pups who would rather not share their walking time with other dogs we offer individual walks. She’ll still enjoy a nice walk around her neighborhood or park, get to enjoy all the sights and smells, the only difference is she’ll have us all to herself!
    • $25.00 per walk
    • $7.00 per additional dog
  • Puppy Visit – We are happy to help out with your puppy even if s/he hasn’t been cleared for walks yet! We can come over to feed, play with, clean up after, work on basic manners, and socialize your pup before they have enough vaccinations for street walking. These visits are 30 minutes of fun for your pup!
    • $25.00 per visit
    • $10.00 per additional dog (although talk to us about why you may not want to bring home two puppies at the same time!)

Weekend Walks

Even on the weekends, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got to spend the day away, or are just too swamped with other business to give your dog enough walking time, we can pop in and give your pup the break s/he needs. Because we don’t frequently have a set weekend schedule our weekend walks are solo.

  • 30 Minute Walk
    • $25.00 per walk
    • $7.00 per additional dog
  • 1 Hour Walk
    • $35.00 per walk
    • $10.00 per additional dog



Overnight Dog Care

As pet lovers and guardians, we know that trusting someone to care for your beloved furry family member when you need to leave town can be a very stressful experience. While kennel boarding options may be the choice for some pet parents, many people would rather their pooch remain in a home environment, for a variety of reasons including health, safety, and comfort. We offer two in home options to keep your time away as stress free as we can, for both your dog and you! We will keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible, follow all feeding and medication instructions, take them out at least 4 times a day, cuddle with them, play with them, and give them all the comforts of home. And you can rest easily with updates and pictures of your pets stay.

In Our Home – Allow your pet to have his own mini vacation staying in our pet friendly apartment! Boarding in a home is much less stressful for most dogs than boarding in a kennel, where they will be crated or confined to a single small room, surrounded by strange smells and dozens of other barking dogs, with infrequent personal attention. In our home your pup will be part of the family, going for walks as he is used to, hanging out watching tv on the couch (if that’s something you allow!), and receiving a ton of personalized attention.

  • $65.00 per dog
  • $15.00 per additional dog
  • Rate is for 24/hr period. Later check outs will be charged for an additional half day.

In Your Home 

  • $75.00 per dog
  • $15.00 per additional dog
  • Rate is for 24/hr period. Later check outs will be charged for an additional half day.

Cat & Small Animal Sitting

  • Critter Visit – And of course we couldn’t leave out our other furry friends! If you need some one to pop in on your smaller furry family, from cats to rats, while you are away we are happy to! We can visit your home as needed to clean litter boxes or cages, give your pets play time, cuddle time, or, if they prefer, just feed them and let them be. We can, in most cases, also give medications. Visits are 20-30 minutes, and we are also happy to bring in mail or water plants as needed. We have direct ownership experience with a variety of smaller pets including cats, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish.
    • $25.00 per visit for the first two cats OR first two cages
    • $5.00 per additional cat/cage

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